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U18 Girls Premier Announcement

By Joe Watt, 09/16/19, 5:15PM CDT


Gitch adds another Premier level team at the U18 age group

As a Club we are constantly striving to develop all of our players through our comprehensive coaching structure.  Obviously our goal is to have our players play at the highest level possible within the state, so we are absolutely delighted that we will have a U18 Girls Premier team within our Club for the 2019 season. 

This will be our 6th Premier team within the Club over the past 3 seasons.  We believe this shows that our developmental plan for our players starting at 8 or 9 years of age and all the way through our league teams truly does work.  We pride ourselves on our coaching which makes us the Premier Club in the Northland and with our 5 boys Premier teams and now our first ever girls team representing Gitchi Gummi at the highest level possible in the state it really does match our mission and our philosophy of creating the best players in our region.  

With our access to an indoor training facility we are very excited to work with all of our teams, but it should give our Premier teams a massive advantage from previous years when we can train on turf from mid January until we can move outside.   I am very excited that we have these elite levels of competition for our members and I believe it will make all our players better technically and tactically moving forward.